Secret Entrances Case Study

Fitted Wardrobe Mr Geer 0007 2

Discover our latest case study of fitted wardrobes with a secret entrance!

Most bedrooms these days have en-suites attached to them and this can prevent a challenge when designing fitted furniture.  It adds another dimension to take into account, but if designed correctly, the en-suite entrance can be cleverly incorporated into the furniture design and blend in seamlessly with the whole design.  This was the request from our client for this project – they wanted the bespoke furniture to flow and not be broken up by the en-suite door.

James took the en-suite entrance as his starting point for the design and by adding the plinths to the bottom of the door, it gives the impression from the outside of a fitted plinth, but when the fitted wardrobe doors open with the plinths attached, there is a flush walk-through making easy access to the room. 

James also used this principal on the corner unit door, as the client want to store the vacuum and ironing board in here, as a corner unit offers a wide space for extra storage or hanging rails.  As the client preferred to roll the vacuum into the cupboard without lifting it up, the bespoke cupboard was fitted without a floor and the plinths fitted to the back of the door, so the client could put the vacuum away easily.

The client also requested a small make-up area with storage for make-up and jewellery.  James designed a corner angled bespoke vanity unit, which the client could comfortably sit at and put her make-up mirror on.   Matching bespoke bedside table units and headboard brought the whole design together and complimented the fitted wardrobes with the stylish Wave Design, giving a unique and stylish look to the whole design.

The client was overwhelmed by the finished look. Their 2 main requirements had been met beyond all their expectations – easy access to store a vacuum and an en-suite entrance that didn’t interfere with the overall look of the furniture. They were delighted with how the fitted furniture flowed and with how much overall storage they had without making the room look overcrowded.

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