Sustainability: Where Our Wood Comes From


Wood is one of the most precious materials that we have on Earth. It gives us air to breathe, warmth at night and has helped us build homes for thousands of years.

And even though we have phones, computers and concrete slabs, wood will always have a significant presence in the home.

At Custom Creations we pride ourselves on our eco-friendliness by using environmentally sustainable wood in all of our bespoke fitted furniture. By respecting our environment we can do what we do best with a clear conscience and a beautiful end product.

Whether we’re building a custom vanity unit or fitted bookcase, we always have sustainability in mind. Here are the two things we look for when we’re sourcing wood for our fitted furniture:

Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council is an international association that sets global standards in order to encourage and sustain responsible forest management. The ‘forest of origin’ is inspected independently for its sustainability and then evaluated against environmental, social and economic criteria set by the FSC. This helps to make sure that we use our forests conscientiously, replenishing them as they are used, and protecting them for future generations to come.


PEFC is another international organization committed to promoting sustainable forest management. Standing for “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification”, it’s the world’s largest certification system and covers over 263 million hectares of forest.

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