The Art of Bespoke Bookcase Styling

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A bookcase can be a beautiful focus point for a room. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning visual display or simply find a spot to store all your many books, here are the best ways to style your fitted bookcase.

Add decorative touches

Bookcases are no longer just for books! A custom bookcase it an excellent place to display ornamental objects or photos of loved ones. Break up the space on your shelves with art, vases, photo frames or houseplants.

Vary the book direction

Mix up the way your stack your books. Place some vertically and others horizontally. This breaks up the columns and gives your bespoke bookcase an interesting visual appeal. Try arranging them in a mix on one shelf or dividing each shelf by book direction. Which looks best to you?

Bespoke Bookcase

Add a sliding panel

You may not want parts of your bookcase on display at all times. Consider adding a sliding panel to your custom bookcase to hide your TV or books that you don’t want on show. See our fitted lounge furniture for some bespoke tv unit inspiration!

Match the colour

Create a consistent look by painting your fitted bookcase the same colour as the background wall. This widens the space by keeping the colour consistent. If you have plenty of books to store, try organising the shelves by the colour of your books! Add matching or complimentary coloured objects to complete the look.

Don’t clutter!

Make sure you have enough space around each item or book stack to show them off. Placing too much in a small space will make your custom bookcase look untidy and confused. To prevent your display from looking overly symmetrical, keep items in groups of three or five.

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