Top Interior Design Trends for Summer 2020

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Discover the latest trends in interior design to revamp your home ready for summer. Learn more about bespoke services and custom furniture with Custom Creations.

Whether you are looking to spruce up your home, switch up the colour scheme or upcycle some of the old furniture you have laying around – find out how to stay on-trend with the top interior designs for Summer 2020. From fitted furniture to decorative furniture, you can create a fresh look no matter the shape or size of the room. While we are all spending more time at home, why not give your home some TLC with some of the most innovative interior looks that can make your home feel brand new.   

1.       Velvet vibes

Velvet furniture is all the rage in 2020 and is a great way of adding a luxurious feel to your home. Velvet sofas can double as a modern statement piece or add a subtle touch of elegance, depending on the look you are going for. Instead of a colour theme, why not opt for a texture theme? Create a chic look throughout your home with velvet sofas, beds and chairs and take advantage of the glamorous flair that a velvet vibe can add to your home.

2.       Neutral is the new black

Transform your living space with soft and neutral tones that are sure to brighten up any room. Muted colours and matt finishes are perfect for bedrooms, whether you are opting for a subtle style or want to complement custom furniture to make a statement. Angled wardrobes are not only great for maximising space in a bedroom but can become a fashionable feature point when paired with a neutral colour scheme.

3.       Sustainable style

At Custom Creations, you don’t need to choose between stylish furniture and sustainable shopping. Get the best of both worlds with environmentally friendly custom furniture. Try adding a custom desk with an oak finish to your home office, or bespoke shelving for a minimalistic look with maximised storage space. If you are up to the exciting challenge of a DIY project, upcycle some old or unused furniture for a fresh look that is completely unique to you and your home.

4.        Concealed kitchens

If you are opting for a simple yet stylish theme, concealed kitchens may be the trend for you. Fitted cupboards are great for keeping your kitchen minimalistic, and you don’t need to worry about the shape or size of your room. From small to open-plan kitchens, de-clutter your space by integrating cupboards, shelves and even your fridge into your kitchen unit. You can even use your fitted cupboards to incorporate a secret entrance to the next room for the ultimate addition to your concealed kitchen!

5.       Modernised home offices

Whether you already work from home, or you have just started to due to the current global pandemic, a comfortable and stylish home office can transform your working day. If you are finding your home office uncomfortable or just looking for new design inspiration, Custom Creations can help!

Fitted office furniture is not only a stylish interior design choice, it’s also ideal for maximising space - particularly in smaller homes. Our bespoke office furniture is made to measure and can be fitted out with hidden drawers and bookcases. Using the spare room as a makeshift office? We also design versatile pull-down beds and bespoke cabin beds, which can incorporate storage and custom desk space.

When your new fitted office furniture arrives, don’t forget to add those finishing touches to brighten your day. Lighting your favourite candle or treating yourself to some freshly cut flowers can instantly create an elegant working space. 

6.       Social spaces

With so many people now working from home, home studies are an excellent way of working from home and staying productive. But what about social spaces to relax and unwind for the day? To beat lockdown blues, many people are taking inspiration from their favourite socialising spots into their own home.

Transform your dining room into your very own bar with bespoke shelving for storing and displaying your favourite drinks, or incorporate a bespoke media unit to create an entertainment space for your records, DVDs and TV. Get on board with this trend by dedicating a room (or even a small space in another room) to being a social space, and you can have the perfect spot for relaxation from the comfort of your own home.

7.       Fitted furniture and smart storage

Luckily, one of the emerging trends in interior design is all about maximising space with bespoke furniture. If you have an angled room, get some perfectly fitting angled wardrobes! A perfect solution to making the most out of any awkward spaces in your home. At Custom Creations, we are always working on new finishes and new designs, so your fitted custom furniture is unique and suitable for your application. You can even add a particular colour for a decorative addition that matches whatever theme you are going for.

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