Unleash the Potential of an Angled Room or Attic with Fitted Furniture


Ah, the dreaded angled room.

With sloping ceilings, awkward wall placements, and odd window alcoves, they are difficult to decorate and find furniture for. Fortunately, our team here at Custom Creations have the solution! We can turn an undesired angled room into the most stylish, practical, and loved room in the house. But how do we do this? With our range of bespoke, made-to-measure fitted furniture of course.

Fitted furniture for angled rooms is custom-built for each client. Our experts work with you to find the perfect solution for projects such as fitted under stair storage and loft fitted furniture. We offer a range of materials and designs to match any room aesthetic and have over 40 years of experience installing fitted furniture.

Functional Fitted Furniture for Attic Rooms

Attic and loft spaces are often some of the trickiest to find suitable furniture for. The sloping roofs make it almost impossible to find furniture with the right dimensions. However, there is a solution. Use wardrobes for sloping ceilings and other loft fitted furniture to transform your unused loft space into a useful storage area.

Attic rooms, depending on the height of the ceiling, can also be converted into another bedroom, office, or both. This potential and the sheer size make attic rooms ideal for loft fitted furniture such as angled wardrobes, bespoke bookcases and vanity units.  Walk-in fitted sliding wardrobes for sloping ceilings, are another great potential use for this type of angled room.

Increase Storage Space with Fitted Under Stairs Storage

Most of the time, the cupboard underneath the stairs is neglected, full of bric-a-brac, or even home to a wizard. Not to fear! This angled space can be converted to useful fitted under stairs storage. Here you could include a custom-built display cabinet, drawers for shoes, or cupboards for coats. And for those more adventurous, why not incorporate a TV unit if the stairs are open plan to the living room?

There are so many options when it comes to fitted under stairs storage. So, making the most of that unused space under the stairs is a no-brainer.

Bespoke Fitted Furniture for Other Angled Rooms

Bedrooms with angled ceilings can make it harder to find suitable wardrobes. Angled wardrobes can give you all the storage you need and can be custom-designed exactly to match your room. Angled bedrooms can be made more comfortable and functional with vanity units, fitted sliding wardrobes, and bespoke headboards. All made to fit. Other angled rooms such as offices can also benefit from fitted furniture. For example, using items such as custom desks and bookcases.

Don’t neglect your angled room. Instead, unleash its potential with our range of fitted furniture. Discover the loft fitted furniture and fitted under stairs furniture we can install! Get in touch with one of our design experts and call 01202 823 231. You can also email office@customcreations.furniture with your enquiry.