Unusual Room Shapes Case Study

Unusual Scribing

Many people are surprised at how fitted furniture can be designed to fit any shape room, wall and ceiling. It is often thought that the walls have to be straight in order to have fitted furniture, but because everything we do is made exactly to fit your space we can accommodate all shapes and angles.

It does take good design to make sure that you maximise the space and use it effectively. This is where the experience of James and Simon, who work closely together with you to create the perfect solution, is one of our many strengths as a family run business.

The following are perfect examples of how even the most difficult of room shapes can have beautiful fitted furniture that blends seamlessly into the angled walls and ceilings.

The customer with this room wanted wardrobes on both walls but had resigned herself to the fact that because of the awkward shape of the room, she would only have them on one wall. James carefully designed a mixture of fitted wardrobes and drawer units to suit each wall. He used the straight ceiling for the full height doors and drawers and used the angles of the pitch of the adjacent wall to create an angled wardrobe with a mixture of shelves and hanging inside.

He added further storage by designing a chest of drawers to run under the height of the window to create a dressing table feature.

The customer was delighted with all the storage and particularly with how beautifully the wardrobes fitted in with overall shape of the room.

This customer had a similar issue with angles but also wanted the bespoke wardrobes to flow around three angled walls.  One of the main challenges of this design was to ensure that the wardrobe on the lower part of the wall had enough depth, without imposing onto the adjacent wardrobes either side.  James and Simon worked together to create the correct angles and depths and the result was a beautiful fitted wardrobe that curved seamlessly around the three walls, providing lots of useable storage without imposing onto the room. To add interest to the end panel, James also added matching bespoke shelving for our customer to showcase her photographs and ornaments.

The customer was delighted at the finished result and very surprised that we had actually managed to bring her dream design to reality.

This customer wanted to fit as much storage as possible into one end of quite a narrow room, that also had the added challenge of a velux window.  She wanted to create a feeling of depth to the room and so James designed the wardrobe for a sloping ceiling to flow around the corner following the contours of the walls– this gave the appearance that the room was larger and by keeping the doors a light gloss colour, this helped to reflect light back into the room from the window.

The customer was delighted with the amount of storage that James had managed to incorporate into her wardrobes, including a full height shelf unit.  She was also delighted that she still had easy access to her loft space through the loft door that was fitted in the hanging section.

Whatever shape your room or however many angles you may have, we can design and create the perfect storage solution for you.  Because everything we do is totally bespoke, made by our skilled joiners and fitted by our in-house fitters, you can be assured that James designs can deliver the dream fitted furniture you may not have thought possible.

If you are interested in our fitted bedroom furniture services and would like to learn more, contact our team on 01202 823231, email us at office@customcreations.furniture or fill out our quick online contact form for a quote.