Upgrade your Bathroom with Bespoke Vanity Units


Create a relaxing yet practical haven in your bathroom by introducing some clever space-saving furniture such as a bespoke vanity unit!

A vanity unit can be freestanding or placed underneath the basin to utilise the wasted space around the pedestal. Due to the standard size of bathrooms, finding the right bathroom furniture that won’t make the room feel cramped can be hard, and awkward angles make it difficult to add concealed storage space. 

Fortunately, bespoke vanity units are made to measure so that every inch of space is utilised in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way.  Find out why you should upgrade your bathroom with bespoke vanity units:

Save floor space with bespoke vanity units

The shape of bathrooms’ ranges from square to round and their layouts make it difficult to install a standard storage unit. This is why bespoke vanity units are so effective, as they can sit under the sink without using any unnecessary floor space and hide unsightly piping. Consider fitted bathroom furniture to effectively make the most of all the nooks and crannies to prevent a bathroom from feeling claustrophobic.

Enjoy some much needed additional bathroom storage

It’s easy to fall into a habit of toiletry hoarding and many of us end up with hundreds. Bespoke vanity units offer a surface around your basin and storage underneath, making it easier to organise and store your toiletries. Store towels, makeup, toiletries, hairbrushes, medicines and cleaning items to stop your bathroom looking cluttered.

Custom Creations design and fit stunning vanity units

Transform the look of your bathroom with a bespoke vanity unit from Custom Creations. Our vanity units come in unlimited shapes and designs and bespoke vanity units can be fitted as floor standing or wall mounted, with the sink placed on top or sunk within. Choose from an oak unit for a classic feel or stone tops such as granite and marble. Alternatively, stick to a contemporary design in white, glass and metal and add contrasting doors.

The increased comfort and aesthetics of bespoke vanity units add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Make your bathroom fresh, organised and efficient with bespoke vanity units from Custom Creations. We are specialists in fitted bathroom furniture, serving areas in and around Bournemouth and Southampton. Call us to book a consultation today on 01202 823231 or email office@customcreations.furniture