Fitted Mirrored Wardrobes

When it comes to the décor of a room or bedroom, wardrobes are often the largest noticeable feature. They are also the place in which we can store most of our clothes and belongings without creating clutter. Fitted mirrored wardrobes add a great focal point and provide an aesthetic appeal. Practical yet stylish at the same time, many people opt for built-in mirrored wardrobes due to their complementary appeal.

No matter what your style ideas are, at Custom Creations we can create your dream bespoke mirrored fitted wardrobe. We have a range of existing designs and materials which you can choose from and only provide the best quality fitted furniture to the highest of standards.

Add a touch of elegance

Built-in mirrored wardrobes

Fitted mirrored wardrobes offer a stylish and contemporary design. They can instantly enhance the look and feel of a room by providing an elegant touch. Due to being designed to fit precisely into walls, built-in mirrored wardrobes blend naturally and suit various interior styles. This makes them easily adaptable to existing decors within a home. Our fitted mirrored wardrobes can also be tailored and composed to create sliding door wardrobes.

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Tailored to your style

Various Designs, Colours & Finishes

At Custom Creations, we have an extensive variety of designs, colours and finishes. Our collections include only the latest high-quality materials so that you can have your fitted mirrored wardrobe tailored to your specific requirements. With over 500 different colours and designs available, complement the existing style of your home. Our built-in mirrored wardrobes have over 1000 glass options to choose from so you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Each piece of fitted furniture we create, manufacture and fit is made bespoke to each customer.

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Create the illusion of more space

Make small rooms appear bigger

Fitted mirrored wardrobes can create the illusion of more space. This is because mirrors reflect the light within a room. This not only helps transform dark corners into brighter light-absorbing spaces, but this also gives the impression the room has more depth. For small bedrooms and rooms, built-in mirrored wardrobes are an effective way to enhance the space. Opting for mirrored sliding door wardrobes is the best way to maximise this effect. This is because sliding doors provide smoother and easier access through only a single door.

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Maximise your storage

Built directly into the wall

Built-in mirrored wardrobes create extra space due to their added storage capacity. As they are built from floor to ceiling leaving no gaps, every inch of available space can be utilised. Fitted mirrored wardrobes with sliding doors also help maximise the space within a room as no space is required for opening. Access is not restricted with this type of fitted wardrobe and extra storage compartments can be customised to your needs.

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