Modern Fitted Wardrobes

Revamp the existing style of your room with one simple adjustment, a new modern fitted wardrobe.

Custom Creations have seen first-hand the various design styles our customers tend to go for, a popular choice amongst customers for modern designs are white fitted wardrobes. All of our services are bespoke so if you are looking for a more specific colour and contemporary design, we can tailor this for you. Talk to one of our designers to get one step closer to making your contemporary fitted wardrobe ideas a reality.


Modern Fitted Wardrobes

Contemporary fitted wardrobes offer a unique modernistic style which gives an elegant look and feel to any room. There are lots of colours available, but many opt for white fitted wardrobes as they integrate easily with existing styles. Contemporary white fitted wardrobes also allow the flexibility for changing the theme of your room without needing to invest in new furniture. In particular, if you are looking to sell your home in the future, modern fitted wardrobes will make your home look fresh and current and allow others to easily adapt around it.

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A Variety of Materials and Finishes

Custom Creations provide a vast selection of materials and finishes so that your contemporary fitted wardrobes fit your desired requirements. Some of our most popular materials and finishes for modern designs include glass fitted wardrobes and gloss fitted wardrobes. Depending on the style and theme you are after, there will be various suitable styles we can recommend. Our gloss finishes come in a range of colours including contemporary glazes for black, grey and white gloss fitted wardrobes.

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Simpler with More Efficiency

Even cleaning is easier with modern fitted wardrobes. As there is no space above, underneath or between the walls with these types of wardrobes, there is no place for dust to gather. This means those difficult to reach areas are eliminated and the effort needed to clean is minimised. With increased storage capacity inside, exterior clutter can be reduced which facilitates painless cleaning.

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The Perfect Size

Unlike standard wardrobes, fitted wardrobes are designed perfectly to fit each individual's specifications. Custom-made wardrobes are built to meet exact measurements so that every corner is used and space is optimised. Accommodate whatever you need in your contemporary fitted wardrobe. Whether you are looking for white gloss fitted wardrobes, glass fitted wardrobes or darker contemporary styles, Custom Creations can help.

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