Wooden fitted wardrobes are a popular choice among customers. Not only are they a cost-effective and durable solution, but they also provide a natural aesthetic appeal.

Whether you require oak fitted wardrobes, pine, or even MDF fitted wardrobes, Custom Creations can provide you with a bespoke service. Our specialist designer can assist you each step along your journey with us. No vision is too big or small, so please feel free to let us know your exact specifications.

The aesthetics

Bespoke Wooden Fitted Wardrobes

Wooden fitted wardrobes provide aesthetics of natural beauty like no other. Creating a sense of a natural environment indoors, wood immediately brings warmth into a room. What’s more, solid wood fitted wardrobes are highly versatile in the interior decors they complement. Suited to traditional, country styles, European and more, they inject character into a room.

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Various wood types to choose from

Pick your favourite design & finish

The materials used in solid wood fitted wardrobes are multifaceted. With a huge variety of woods available, we can tailor fitted wardrobes to your personal taste and preferences. Custom Creations can provide you with designs for previous clients and inspiration if you are not sure what you are looking for. With a vast range of materials, designs and finishes, you are assured to find the material which matches your specific taste. From oak fitted wardrobes, to pine fitted wardrobes and more, explore our high-quality wooden materials and finishes.

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Made to last

Durable & Strong

Wood is durable material which provides support and comfort to furniture. Enduring and robust, wooden fitted wardrobes are the perfect choice for those looking for a long-lasting solution. Oak fitted wardrobes in particular, are one of the strongest wood materials attainable. Many people opt for oak or pine fitted wardrobes because of the stability they offer. As well as this, wooden materials are very reliable. Get in touch with our designers today for further guidance on the most suitable wood types for you.

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Easy maintenance

Easy Care for Solid Wood Fitted Wardrobes

As well as their durability, solid wood fitted wardrobes ensure easy maintenance. With only occasional waxing, polishing or oiling required, cleaning wooden fitted wardrobes is an undemanding process. Stains and hand marks are barely visible due to the properties of wooden materials. Due to being fitted from floor to ceiling, dust will not collect at the top of your wardrobe. Keep an oak fitted wardrobe in pristine condition with minimum care required.

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Environmentally friendly

Sustainable Materials

At Custom Creations, we believe in doing our part to help the environment. This is why we source only sustainable FSC approved materials for all our fitted furniture. Whether you decide to opt for oak fitted wardrobes, pine, mdf or another wooden material from our selection, we can assure your wooden fitted wardrobe will be up to standards. Every piece of fitted furniture is made with longevity in mind, so you can enjoy your product for the long run.

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Three easy steps to fine fitted furniture

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Our Finishing Options

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