4 Benefits of Bespoke TV Units

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We spend most of our time in the living room and the television is our favourite form of entertainment.

It’s essential that the interior design enhances comfort, functionality and the viewing experience. Choosing fitted living room furniture such as a bespoke TV unit can transform your living room into a clutter free, organised and relaxing space for everyone to enjoy.  Bespoke TV units can encapsulate your TV to enhance its presence or to hide it, and maximise the storage space in your living room.

4 benefits of bespoke TV units

1.       Creates storage space

Bespoke TV units can be built in with any type of storage space in mind, including cupboards, drawers, a wine rack, bespoke bookcase or display shelving. Hide children’s toys and living room clutter in the cupboards and display any precious items on the shelves.

2.       Clears space in your living room

Regular TV units can be bulky in order to support the growing size of televisions. They take up valuable floor space and are not built to hide wires or house consoles. A bespoke TV unit can be built into awkward angles, to solely support the TV or as an entire wall unit with all wires hidden.

3.       Hundreds of design and material combos

A bespoke TV unit can be built to match current living room furniture with ease, due to the hundreds of design and material combinations available at Custom Creations, including the highly sought after Xylo Cleaf range.

4.       They are aesthetically pleasing

TVs can be concealed within the unit in many ways, which can help to double the living room’s function as a social entertainment room and to limit distractions for the kids! The unrivalled skill of Custom Creations designers and craftsmen can create contemporary, shabby chic and many more types of bespoke TV units that improve the look and change the function of your living room with ease.

Find examples of Custom Creations bespoke TV units in our fitted living room furniture gallery or get in touch to find about a bespoke TV unit we can create for you! Call now to arrange a free, no obligation design appointment on 01202 823231 or email office@customcreations.furniture. We are a family business and one of the leading manufacturers of fitted furniture in Bournemouth and Southampton.