Predicted Interior Design Trends For 2023

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What's upcoming for 2023 in terms of interior design?

And just like that, another year has come and gone.

The world of interior design is always evolving to keep up with changes in customer and designer trends. 2023 will be no different. It can sometimes feel difficult to keep up with developments in style, but we’re here to showcase some of the upcoming interior design trends for 2023 that we see will make a big impact in the world of home design.

Emphasis on Wellness and Organic Materials

A big interior design trend for 2023 will be more organic and sustainable materials. This has been a rising development for the last few years, but as the world turns to focus on how we can be more sustainable, so will our interior design choices.

Materials such as wool, cotton, clay, and cork are in. As are nature-inspired spaces – so don’t get rid of your houseplants just yet!

Private Home Working Space

It seems that working from home is here to stay. With this comes the need for home working and office spaces that separate us from home life. We’ll likely see a smart WFH fitted furniture trend, spaces that can be hidden away from sight.

Making the most of our space will be key. From close corners to aesthetic home offices, we’re seeing a lot more spaces you can hide away in and get your head down.

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A Splash of Colour

Unsurprisingly, one of the favourites for the upcoming year is Pantone’s predicted Colour of the Year for 2023 – Digital Lavender. This soft and gentle shade would be the perfect addition to a bedroom, bathroom, or living space with its relaxing feel.

Similarly, it seems sage green isn’t going anywhere. Going well with the sustainability and wellness theme, both lavender and sage have a calming effect. They’re the ideal shades for those home working spaces.

Golden tones it seems are making a comeback as well. If art deco is returning to the scene as some say it will, then gold will never be too far behind. Perhaps this is the time to add some gold décor or wallpaper trims and add just that little extra touch of luxury to your space.

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Following on from the art-deco theme, it seems that arches are on the rise as an architectural trend. We’re seeing ‘modernist curves’ and rounded edges become more popular, with moon-shaped furniture and décor becoming a highlight.

Perhaps arches will be included in the fitted furniture trends for 2023? Keep an eye on our blog in the new year to find out.

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Smart Home Organisation

Finally, we believe that smart home organisation solutions are going to continue to be big into the new year. With the popularity of home organisation-themed TV shows and social media influencers, we all want our homes to feel tidy and comfortable.

That means we’re seeing less open shelving or glass-fronted doors, and more subtle, fitted storage solutions. Everything will have its place in 2023, and its place is hidden away to avoid clutter.

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Only time will tell which interior design trends for 2023 will go the distance, but we’re excited to see where it goes.

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