Furniture for Sloping Ceilings

If you need a little more space, it’s often more cost effective to extend your house rather than buy a new one. The most popular option is to extend upwards, creating a loft room. However, this can result in angled rooms and sloped ceilings, making finding the right furniture to fit your new space challenging.

At Custom Creations, our fitted furniture is designed specifically around the unique dimensions of your space. Whether you need a loft-fitted wardrobe or any other type of furniture for sloping ceilings, our designs follow the contours of your room and allow us to maximise every inch of space. Our designer, James, will work closely with you to ensure you have the perfect storage solution, and all without compromising on style.

With professional installation to go with your custom furniture for sloped ceilings, you can rest assured that any angled room can still possess a light and airy feel.


Wardrobes for sloping ceilings

In need of an angled wardrobe for your room? We can transform any space into usable and accessible storage that maximises your home’s potential. Call today to learn more about our angled wardrobes for sloping ceilings.

Angled wardrobes
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you furnish an angled room?

The best way to furnish an angled room is by using bespoke furniture for sloping ceilings. Traditional flat-pack furniture is unlikely to be suitable for sloped ceilings as it’s unlikely to fit flush against the wall. Angled furniture, such as loft-fitted wardrobes, provide an ideal alternative that is designed around the contours of your space.

At Custom Creations, we design and build a range of angled wardrobes and cabinets for customers throughout Dorset and Hampshire. All our furniture for sloping ceilings come in a range of high-quality designs and materials. Our designers will work closely with you to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Can you use fitted loft furniture to turn an attic into a bedroom?

Yes, fitted loft furniture and furniture for sloping ceilings are a great way to turn an attic into a bedroom. If your attic has a sloped ceiling, there are very limited options for flat-pack wardrobes and storage. However, angled wardrobes for sloping ceilings are custom-built and help turn any attic room into a bedroom.

We can also create single and double beds to complete your bespoke furniture storage in a loft or attic conversion.

Can I put a wardrobe in my loft?

Yes, you can put a wardrobe in your loft! While loft conversions and attics are often awkward shapes, loft-fitted wardrobes can use any space to create valuable storage.

The benefit of loft-fitted furniture for sloped ceilings is in their adaptability. No matter the dimensions or angle, our fitted furniture is made to measure by our expert team.

What are wardrobes for sloping ceilings?

Wardrobes for sloping ceilings are wardrobes that are designed to fit around angled ceilings and walls without limiting a room’s overall space. This is most common for attics or loft spaces after a conversion.

Most flatpack furniture is designed for flat walls and ceilings and are therefore unsuitable for this kind of space. Our expert team at Custom Creations, however, will take precise measurements in your attic conversion and create a bespoke angled wardrobe. This type of loft-fitted wardrobe maximises all available room for storage while keeping as much floor space as possible.

How do I create storage space in my loft?

Using loft-fitted furniture like wardrobes for sloping ceilings can create storage space in your loft. What would otherwise be unusable space can easily accommodate bespoke cabinets, drawers, or shelves.

We design and install a variety of loft-fitted furniture for customers in Dorset and Hampshire. Get in touch with us at Custom Creations to discuss your storage requirements.

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