Accommodate exactly what you want to store

If you have additional space in your bedroom or have decided to utilise a spare room for extra storage space, you want to make sure that you gain the maximum storage out of the space. Creating storage solutions to follow the contours of your walls, as in fitted shelves and hanging rails, ensures that you use every inch of space and so even the smallest of spaces can be used for walk in storage.

Add drawer storage created to accommodate exactly what you want to store in them, so that you don't have any wasted space, and a full height shoe storage stack designed around the height and width of your shoes means that you can fit everything in neatly without losing any valuable storage space.

Whether you are turning a whole room into a walk in wardrobe or utilising a small cupboard to provide walk in storage, your designer will help you to make sure that every inch of space is used productively.

Our pull out shoe, trouser and tie rails are a great feature to any wardrobe and if you have the space an ottoman in the centre of the room makes great storage and seating.

Tailored to your needs

By carefully creating the interiors to really accommodate whatever you want to store in your fitted furniture, you will be surprised at how much storage they give you, especially as they are created specifically for your dimensions so there is no wasted or dead space.

Expert Tip

We can also create a half walk-in where we can bring the doors forward to allow the wardrobe to be deeper speak to your designer about this.

Latest Walk-in Wardrobes

Here are just some of the latest walk-in wardrobes in our galleries.

With our wide range of finishes and colours, the combinations are endless. Please have a look through, we hope they inspire you.

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