Freestanding Units

Whilst we would generally recommend that your wardrobes and larger storage furniture is fitted, we can also create freestanding storage solutions for you.

Bedside units, dressing tables and chests can be storage that you want to be able to move around, or take with you if you move house. Your designer will advise you on which solution would be best for you and your room, making sure you don't have to compromise on design or space.

Our free standing furniture is still completely custom and hand made and you can still have all of the colours,in fact a lot of our customers mix fitted wardrobes with freestanding units to allow for change.

Other Freestanding

Tall boys are a great way of incorporating drawers into you room without taking up too much floor space. You can create a stack of drawers which go upwards rather than taking up wider floor space. By keeping the design simple, you can sit a modern vase on the top to create a contemporary look or add a selection of family photographs in various frames to create an interesting feature in your room.

Bed sides are a great freestanding option as they allow for you to change the size of your bed in the future.