Custom Creations Egger 2020

Discover The 2020 Egger Collection

A new year presents new opportunity, new resolutions and new excuses to give your home a well-deserved makeover and uplift. Interior design allows you to transform a house into a beautiful home, and the all-new 2020 collection from Egger will make you feel inspired more than ever before.

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Cc Carr 0012 Copy

Can You Return Custom Furniture?

Homeowners love bespoke furniture as it is designed for their property. The design of custom furniture promises to be unique, tailored just for them to meet their specifications. It isn’t an off-the-shelf, mass produced item. These are the fantastic benefits, but for these same reasons, there are concerns surrounding what the returns policy is bespoke furniture.

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Under Stairs Storage12

Top Tips To Style Your Hallway

Often the hallway is a forgotten part of a home. We rush through our way in and out and take the space for granted. Discover how you can make the most out of even small hallways. Read our tips from our bespoke furniture makers in Dorset.

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Wardrobe Interiors

How To Choose Fitted Wardrobe Interiors

Interiors are what makes your fitted wardrobe function. Without hanging space, drawers and shelves your wardrobe would be mess. So how do you decide what wardrobe interiors you need? Our experts at Custom Creations helps you find the perfect fitted wardrobe interiors for you.

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Unusual Scribing

Unusual Room Shapes Case Study

Many people are surprised at how fitted furniture can be designed to fit any shape room, wall and ceiling. It is often thought that the walls have to be straight in order to have fitted furniture, but because everything we do is made exactly to fit your space we can accommodate all shapes and angles.

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Bespoke Furniture Designer

What To Ask Your Bespoke Furniture Designer

Purchasing your own, fitted furniture should be a fun. A key element in making the construction process as simple as possible is to select a team of professionals who are right for you and your project. Read our advice on the best questions to ask a potential designer before they start creating your bespoke furniture in Dorset.

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Custom Creations Media Unit Keynes 0003

Living room trends for Summer 2018

Your living room is your family’s space to relax and enjoy together. Finding the right style to suit everyone can be a challenge. Here we list some of our favourite Summer 18 interior trends to inspire your perfect living room look.

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Fitted Angled Furniture36

A beginner’s guide to loft conversion

A loft conversion is an excellent way to create some more room in your home. A loft conversion can also add value to your property! Read our advice from our bespoke furniture makers in Dorset to find out how to create a successful loft conversion.

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Custom Creations Fitted Childrens Bedroom Redcliffe 0005

Bedroom furniture designs for growing children

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Children will go through many phases, passions and requirements as they grow through life. So how do you design a bedroom that they can grow into and not out of? Here our fitted furniture specialists at Custom Creations give their best tips to creating an age-proof bedroom for children.

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Home Studies10

How to organise your home office

The joy of a home office is that it isn’t a standard office. Free from all the formalities and drudgery, your home office is a free space for you to design to your liking. But all that freedom can lead to a build-up of clutter or unwelcome distractions. Read the advice from our bespoke furniture designers on how to organise your work space into a comfortable and productive home office.

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Can you replace fitted wardrobe doors?

Are your current fitted wardrobe doors looking a bit old and damaged? Or perhaps your want to modernise your room and your old doors just don’t look right? Replacing your fitted wardrobe doors can be a great way to update a room, without starting from scratch! Read how our bespoke furniture makers in Dorset can help.

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Adding Texture - Fitted Bedroom Furniture

On this occasion, our customer had almost given up on finding the effect she was looking for until she was recommended to us at Custom Creations by her friend. Her room was very square and she wanted a unique textured finish to her fitted furniture in Bournemouth to soften the overall look.

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Wardrobe 061

Are fitted wardrobes old fashioned?

We are always surprised when someone calls a fitted wardrobe ‘old fashioned’. Although there is a trend for freestanding wardrobes, fitted wardrobes have so many advantages over their stand-alone counterparts. Let us explain why built-in wardrobes are an essential feature in any 21st century home!

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Cc Plumstead 0002 Copy

Multi-Purpose Unit - Fitted Lounge Furniture

The customer brief for this unit was to create a large display unit, that had a sleek and modern look and fitted in with the distinctive style of the house and other furniture in the room. The main challenge to this was that the customer also asked James to incorporate a drinks / bar area at one end and a custom desk work station at the other end.

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