From traditional to contemporary we have the design for you.

Hinged door wardrobes compliment any room, whatever the shape, size or style. By creating storage to fit in with the contours of your room, you can really maximise all your space, without compromising on design.

It is easy to make the mistake of putting too much furniture into a room, which can make the room feel smaller. By creating clever storage ideas, and designing the interiors to accommodate your requirements, fitted hinged door wardrobes can actually make the room look and feel bigger. 

From traditional to contemporary  we have many designs and colors to fit in with the style of your home. We have many innovative interior ideas and options too. You can view these in our accessories gallery.

Fitted floor to ceiling wardrobes to utilise every inch of space

Your hinged wardrobes can be built floor to ceiling up to any height. As we make all our own furniture we are not restricted on size limitations. And with an unrivaled range of colour options and door styles to choose from, we are shore we have something for all tastes and budgets. 

We also offer a painted door service, so if you see a colour you like or have a paint you would like to match speak to your designer and we can get that arranged.

Maximise every inch of space

Fitted Hinged door wardrobes are the perfect solution for angled walls and ceilings or loft conversions, as they allow you to maximise every inch of space which free standing furniture can't fit into.

For a contemporary look, keep the design simple and the colour neutral. Add one colour or design feature to give it that real WOW factor. Add a textured door or insert a coloured glass panel into a run of hinged wardrobes to create a stylish and individual design that will add interest without overwhelming the overall design of your furniture.

With the correct design, you can create fitted and freestanding furniture that works together without overpowering the room.

Latest Hinged Wardrobes

Here are just some of the latest hinged wardrobes in our galleries.

With our wide range of finishes and colours, the combinations are endless. Please have a look through, we hope they inspire you.

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Make the most of all your space

Hinged robes and sliding robes are not to far apart they hold about the same amount of storage and both can look contemporary or traditional. The main difference is hinged robes often best fit into more awkward spaces and are slightly shallower than sliding.
Although you can get slightly more into a sliding wardrobe depending on the lay out

Expert Tip

When taking your wardrobe around the corner use one of our corner robes with curved hanging rails. This way you don't have any awkward spaces to lose clothes in or wasted spacde


With an unrivaled choice of colours and designs, our designers hunt far and wide for all the latest
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