Maximise space with built-in wardrobes around your bed

When looking to move into a new home or updating an existing room, storage is always an important factor. Not everyone has a wide room fit for a king or queen, but with fitted wardrobes, we can all have the chance to feel like one. What is more, you can gain up to 50% more storage space if you get your wardrobe fitted wisely.

Whether it be overbed fitted wardrobes or built-in corner wardrobes, the style possibilities are endless. James will work alongside you to help design and implement the perfect fitted wardrobe for your room. Whatever your design vision is, Custom Creations can bring your ideas to life.


Overbed Fitted Wardrobes

Overbed fitted wardrobes offer an intelligent way of utilising the space within a room. No space is too big or small, as fitted furniture is made to create more with less. Built-in wardrobes around a bed can include additional drawers, shelves and compartments to give you far more storage space than in a typical wardrobe. Fitted over bed wardrobes also provide a stylish frame for your bed, so you can get two design elements incorporated into one.

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A Wide Range of Designs & Finishes

Take advantage of our extensive range of designs and finishes. We use the latest high-quality materials to bring you over 500 different colours and styles to complement the design of your home. From gloss finishes to classic styles, modernised fittings and more, we have a great selection available to match your visions. All our services, including overbed fitted wardrobes, come completely bespoke. This is to ensure that you can receive a fitted wardrobe tailored precisely to your requirements.

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Built-in corner wardrobes

If fitted over bed wardrobes don’t fit the capacity of your room, opting for a corner wall fitted wardrobe may just be the answer. Make the most of every inch of space with a built-in corner wardrobe. Designed to fit seamlessly in your room, no space will go wasted and you can maximise the scope available to you.

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Why Choose Us for Custom Fitted Furniture

Custom Creations have the knowledge, skills and resources to customise each piece of fitted furniture to your exact needs. We can accommodate your wardrobe features to whatever you desire. If you are looking to include custom-tailored lighting, specific compartment sizes, additional racks and hangers, or other design features, our services are second to none. We have full flexibility with our designs so you can add a variety of tailored extras. Complement your other furnishings flawlessly with a bespoke built-in corner wardrobe or overbed fitted wardrobe from Custom Creations.

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