Lounge Storage

We all have a selection of audio and visual items in our homes that conventional furniture just doesnt seem to house. Create your own storage solutions to fit your exact requirements, and design a showcase feature instead of a make-do unit.

Add drawers and shelves to store DVDs, CDs and games, making everything easily accessible whilst neatly stored away. You can also hide all those unsightly wires that seem to get in the way.

Other Additions

Alcoves either side of a chimney breast can become wasted space, as it can be difficult to get furniture to fit in this space. Storage units built in to the alcoves not only create valuable storage solutions, but also create a feature around the chimney breast which can make a feature of the wall, keeping a fluid look to the room. You can create base units and utilise the top as a shelf for photographs and ornaments, or take the units up higher to create display units.

Bay windows or an open wall space look great when you put in low level storage units and put a padded seat on top, creating useable storage and additional seating. This is something that you can create specifically to fit any space and can become a real talking point of your room.

Book cases can be designed with adjustable shelving, so you never waste any valuable shelf space and can fit all your books in, whatever their size.

Every household has a computer or laptop, and if you don’t have a spare room or study, they can end up on the kitchen table or you seem to keep moving them around on to any free worktop! You can create a media storage unit using any available space in your lounge or even your hallway. By adding pull out shelves inside, you can keep the unit depth to a minimum as the shelves pull out to create a desktop. Add fixed shelves for storing files and documents and you can create your own mini office in a cupboard!

Latest Bespoke TV & Media Units

Here are just some of the latest bespoke tv & media units in our galleries.

With our wide range of finishes and colours, the combinations are endless. Please have a look through, we hope they inspire you.

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