3 Examples of Beautiful Bespoke Wardrobes


There are 3 types of bespoke wardrobes; fitted hinged, sliding door wardrobes and walk in wardrobes.

Each has a unique selling point, whether it’s usability, accessibility or storage. Custom Creations specialises in designing and fitting bespoke wardrobes in Bournemouth with a variety of different colour, style and feature options. Check out three examples of beautiful bespoke wardrobes we have built:

Fitted hinged wardrobe

This fitted hinged wardrobe in Bournemouth was built for a client struggling to find space in their extension. We cleverly designed this hinged wardrobe to take advantage of all the room’s angles, with an added feature of a built in bespoke TV unit. It has a traditional style, with white doors, invisible handles and a base unit made from oak to ensure it is durable. The wardrobe is accessible from all angles, with 4 drawers and 4 double hanging spaces. Additional shelving is added on the end of the wardrobe to display personal items.

Fitted sliding door wardrobe

This sliding door wardrobe in Bournemouth was built to take advantage of limited space due to an infringing window. It features 2 areas for hanging, 3 drawers and 4 shelves and is made of a white wood with purple panelling. The sliding doors make items more accessible and saves space.

Fitted walk in wardrobe

Walk in wardrobes are fantastic if you have a spare room and this fitted walk in wardrobe in Bournemouth is full of storage possibilities. Constructed with dark wood, it has a traditional style with modern, metallic handles and includes many useful features. The 4 drawers are ideal for tie and accessory storage, the low shelving can be used for shoe storage and there’s plenty of hanging space for everything else!

Browse more examples of beautiful bespoke wardrobes in our gallery or get in touch to discuss a potential project with us. Speak to a member of the Custom Creations team today to arrange a free, no obligation appointment on 01202 823231 or email office@customcreations.furniture.