4 Fitted Furniture Accessories to Compliment Your Home

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Fitted furniture accessories provide the finishing touches to a home’s aesthetic.

Whether you need to maximise storage space or add a touch of style, accessories are the perfect addition to all rooms of the house. Here are 4 examples of fitted furniture accessories to compliment your home.

1.      Thought about bespoke shelving?

Whether you require extra storage space in the lounge or the bedroom, bespoke shelving is a perfect addition to the home. Whilst fitting shelving above the television provides a secure place for all home cinema equipment, adding bespoke shelving to the interior of your sliding door wardrobe  provides a wealth of compartments to store trousers, ties and shoes.

2.       Just a heads up…

With the average person sleeping a total of 122 days a year, your bedroom furniture needs to be as relaxing as possible. Increase the aesthetic and functionality of your bed with a bespoke headboard. Providing a comfy back-rest for bedtime reading or television, a bespoke headboard is the idyllic finishing piece to your bespoke bedroom furniture in Bournemouth.

3.       Fitted mirror on the wall…

Fitted mirrors are another great furniture accessory to compliment your home. Perfect as an addition to fitted vanity units of all styles, fitted mirrors add a wealth of perceptual space to a bathroom whilst making your bespoke vanity unit the ideal spot for your morning beauty regime.

4.       Get organised with a bespoke cupboard

For home studies, bespoke cupboards provide ample storage space for files, books and work equipment. With Custom Creations’ fitted cupboards in Bournemouth crafted specifically to your home study’s dimensions, our bespoke cupboards are suitable for all work spaces and storage needs.

Offering fitted furniture across Bournemouth and Southampton, Custom Creations offers the highest quality of fitted furniture accessories to suit your home. For more information on our range of bespoke furniture in Bournemouth, contact us on 01202 823 231 or send an email to office@customcreations.furniture.