5 Fitted Furniture Solutions For Rooms With Sloping Ceilings

Loft Fitted Furniture 63

Loft spaces can often be awkward to design around. With low to high rise ceilings and sloping angles, the shapes of these rooms prove more challenging than others to furnish. So, how do you work with the space you have in an angled room? In order to get the most out of awkward spaces, a bespoke furniture maker can help you use the tricky corners to your advantage. Below we discuss the types of loft fitted furniture solutions that are suitable for rooms with sloping ceilings.

Custom made bookcases

Whether you are looking at loft fitted furniture for your living room, bedroom or study, fitted bookcases are a great idea. These offer a simple and effective way of keeping your belongings organised. And just because it’s called a bookcase, it doesn’t mean you are restricted to only using it for books! Due to the shelves, you can use these to display memorabilia, picture frames, or any items you please.

Many opt for fitted bookcases as they are built into the wall and transform even the tightest of corners into storage spaces. If your bookcase is made by a bespoke furniture maker, you have full flexibility in choosing your shelves. This means you can have as many drawers and shelving compartments as you need.

Fitted wardrobes

It’s quite common that people fail to maximise their use of space in angled rooms. But with a little creativity and planning, you can create living spaces in even the most challenging of rooms. One type of loft fitted furniture that gives you this opportunity is fitted wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes tend to be for bedrooms, but you can also use these in home offices or living rooms. As they fit right up to the wall, you can use every inch of space available.

 In loft conversions with little room capacity, wardrobes for sloping ceilings help create a comfortable living area. This is because clutter is reduced from having an additional storage solution. With extra drawers, you can get more storage capacity with a fitted wardrobe.

Bespoke TV media units

With an angled room, functionality and furniture design is important. Not only do bespoke tv units look great, but they create another convenient method of storage. Unlike a standard tv unit that takes up substantial room to hold the tv in place, a fitted unit will do the opposite. Similarly to a fitted wardrobe, bespoke tv units also free up valuable floor space. This helps you double the living room’s floor capacity whilst having a solution that takes care of the storage.

Snug desk spaces

Now that more people have had to adapt to working from home, the need for a desk space has grown. But how can you have a comfortable desk space in a tight angled room? The beauty of loft fitted furniture is that it comes in many forms and sizes. At Custom Creations we offer bespoke office furniture to fit any sized room.  

The final verdict? Loft fitted furniture really is the solution! Whether it’s a fitted wardrobe, bespoke tv unit or fitted bookcase, we can help. If you are looking to redesign your loft room or entire conversion with fitted furniture, contact us. At Custom Creations, we design, make, and install a wide range of fitted furniture types in Dorset and Hampshire. Each piece is unique to the customer and we have an extensive variety of materials and styles to choose from. No matter your design requirements, we can help bring it to life!

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