Bespoke Built-In Sliding Wardrobes Case Study


The Problem

This customer wanted to refresh their wardrobes to create a new, efficient space to store their clothes. But, they were worried about the unusual size of the room and whether there would be enough usable space to keep everything they wanted safely and tidily away.

So, they came to us at Custom Creations for our expert advice and experience in creating bespoke fitted wardrobes in Bournemouth.

Our Solution

We were more than happy to help. With our built-in bedroom furniture like fitted wardrobes with sliding doors and bookcases, we can create the best options using the space you have.

Our built-in sliding wardrobes are made to fit any aperture size. Not to mention, our choice of styles and finishes is almost limitless. From mirrors to coloured glass, sculptured panels to gloss and acrylic, you can really create a unique finish to add a truly personal touch to any room.

Our customer chose soft white and gloss acrylic denim for their doors, with a denim surround and silver aluminium frames to really bring the design together. The Sonoma Oak chosen for the internals is a timeless colour and one of our most popular, too.

Working with our designer, we created the perfect internal storage system. With a mixture of hanging, shelves, and drawers, now there is more than enough space for everything they have.

Looking for your own custom built-in wardrobes in Dorset, Hampshire or the surrounding areas? At Custom Creations, we offer free initial consultations to get to know your space and find the perfect solution. Get in touch and book your meeting with us by calling 01202 823231 or request a brochure today for inspiration on how we can optimize your space.