Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes and Bedroom Furniture Case Study


When a former client, already delighted with our previous custom furniture solutions, recently approached us for assistance in revamping their bedroom, we were only too eager to rise to the challenge. With no concrete ideas in mind, our customer was in search of inspiration and expertise to transform their sleeping space into a sanctuary of style and functionality. Our design team immediately laid out a vision: to create a bespoke, cohesive bedroom that mirrored the client’s personal style while maximising space in their home.

The Problem

The initial challenge was twofold. Firstly, beyond the need for bespoke bedroom furniture, our client was uncertain about the direction they wanted their bedroom’s design to take. They sought a fresh, innovative look but were open to inspiration. This underscored the need for an experienced design team capable of guiding them through the creative process, from conceptualisation through to realisation.

Secondly, the bedroom’s existing layout and storage options were not making the best use of the available space. The room needed a comprehensive design overhaul complete with fitted custom furniture that would not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also its functionality.

Our Solution

Starting with the entryway of the room, our designer began with a set of sleek, bespoke fitted wardrobes with inset mirrors. These built-in wardrobes were equipped with Avienda handles that offer a minimalist, handless opening mechanism, eliminating the risk of catching on protruding handles. Avienda is a popular choice for many of our customers, and with good reason. Extending beyond the bespoke fitted wardrobes, we used their design throughout the bedroom for both practicality and a sense of cohesion.

Next, we addressed the need for additional storage without sacrificing the bedroom’s floor space. The solution: a bespoke cupboard in the corner of the room, a custom dressing table with space for any type of chair or stool, and plenty of fitted drawers that ensured every inch of the room was utilised efficiently. A cabin bed, tailored to fit the client’s existing mattress and featuring underbed storage, capped off the design.

Working with a local company, our customer chose the fabric for their headboard which we then picked up and attached to the bed. The final colour scheme of Matt Light Grey and Kuzco Silver was chosen and worked beautifully, leaving us all impressed with the customer’s design choices. The combination of colours, materials, and bespoke design elements transformed the bedroom into a testament to our client’s unique tastes and our design team’s skilful execution. 

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Bespoke bedroom furniture with underbed storage.
Bespoke bedroom furniture with built-in mirror wardrobes.
Bespoke bedroom furniture with underbed storage drawers.
Bespoke bedroom furniture with custom drawers and dressing table.