Case Study: Beautiful Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

Aug Case Study2

Bespoke bedroom furniture overbed storage and bedside tables in deep navy with gold handles

The Problem

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you deserve to feel calm, happy, and rested. That’s why getting the right bespoke bedroom furniture is a great way to take your space to the next level.

A few months ago, one of our customers popped in to our Verwood showroom to get some ideas and inspiration to change up their bedroom furniture in Dorset. After a look around and a quick chat with our team, they booked their free design visit. Their bedroom had been the same for many years, and they were very ready for a refresh!

Our Solution

Our customers worked closely with our expert designer to ensure that we were making the best use of the space they had. They decided on bespoke bedroom furniture that complemented the available space, in a colour and finish they loved.

The final result included a run of bespoke fitted wardrobes, dressing table, bedsides, and overhead storage to make the most of every corner of the room.

Our customers went for the classic Alby Blue finish for their bespoke bedroom furniture, adding warmth to the room and complimented by the golden handles they chose.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

For their fitted wardrobes in their Dorset home, they decided on bespoke internals. This meant that they could properly store and care for their clothes in the way that suits their lifestyle.

Whether you have lots of smart shirts, long dresses, or a big shoe collection, we can create bespoke bedroom furniture internals that suit your needs.

Wall-to-wall fitted wardrobes in Dorset in navy blue with hinged doors

Bespoke fitted wardrobes with hinged doors open to reveal custom internals with shelves, mirror, and hanging rail

Extra Storage

The new dressing table was designed to fit nicely under the window, with bespoke drawer sizes requested by the customer.

Bespoke bedroom furniture fitted dressing table in navy blue

We also installed brand new overhead storage for our customers, using the height of the room to our advantage. This is a really clever way to get more out of the room and can be done in most rooms of your home. Their new bespoke bedroom furniture was finished off nicely with bespoke bedside tables with glass tops to really add the finishing touches as a lovely accessory.

Thinking about a refresh for your room with some fitted bedroom furniture in Dorset or the surrounding areas? Get in touch and discuss your ideas with our expert designers today! Just contact us on 01202 823231 or Request a Brochure for inspiration!