Children’s Fitted Bedroom Ideas Case Study

Childrens fitted bedrooms Cc Redcliffe 0006 Copy

Refresh your kid’s room with our children’s fitted bedroom ideas from Custom Creations.

James main instruction for this young girl’s fitted bedroom furniture was to create lots of storage as well as having a bespoke desk for homework / dressing table. The key point was to create a room that would be suitable and practical for her now but would also grow with her as she got older. 

Décor and soft furnishings are often the things that children change most as they grow up and so James recommended that the fitted bedroom furniture would be best in white to keep it a neutral colour and the décor could be changed accordingly as she got older and changed her taste.  Keeping it white meant that it would always go with any décor or soft furnishings.

The two double fitted wardrobes each side provided lots of hanging space and additional shelf space, whilst the top fitted cupboards above provided more valuable storage space for books, files and games. The adjustable bespoke shelving also provided a flexible storage solution for more books and to display photographs etc.

The top worked equally well as a dressing table or custom desk and the drawers underneath were ideal for storing stationery and make-up.  A large wall framed mirror completed the look and also opened the space as it reflected the light from the window.

The customer and her daughter were delighted with the whole design and fitting as it ticked every box and would certainly suit her style and needs for many years to come.

The customer decorated with a beautiful wall paper and complimentary décor, which gave the whole room a very stylish finish.


In contrast to this, the clients request for his son’s bedroom was to create a unique feature based around his love of Batman.  The client had chosen a very detailed wall paper and so James suggested going for a light grey colour for the fitted furniture and keeping it simple, so that it did not overpower the smaller room.  Also, using this colour meant that it would be suitable for a boys bedroom as he grew up and changed his décor colour scheme.

The fitted wardrobe interiors provided hanging space and storage shelves, whist the chest provided additional storage for folded clothes. By incorporating a bespoke desk top with stationery drawers underneath, the client was delighted that his son had so much storage and work space in a room he felt was too small to fit much in.  He was impressed with how the correct design and bespoke measurements can really provide practical storage that will also be perfect as his son gets older.

But the real wow winner all round was the bespoke Batman signal artwork that we had specially made.

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