Coronavirus: Perspex Screens, Our Efforts & Business Update

Coronavirus Update

Updated 3rd June 2020.

We are pleased to share that since the 1st June we have resumed business as normal. Our fitters are back in the workshop, our showroom is open for appointments and we are doing home design consultations. 

We would like to reassure customers, both of current projects and any new, that we are following the processes set out by the government to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and those we meet with for appointments. This includes social distancing and PPE. 

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss before booking, please don't hesitate to contact our team.


Custom Creations are doing all we can to aid businesses and the NHS during these unprecedented times. We believe that helping the community, in the little ways we all can will help to minimise the impact of coronavirus.

Perspex Screens

Custom Creations have begun manufacturing Perspex screens which are suitable for shops and in store counters so that businesses can continue and return to business as usual whilst minimising the spread of coronavirus.

In providing a means of safeguarding customers and employees, whilst adhering to government advice on social distancing, the production of Perspex screens means those necessary and key services can continue to operate in a safe manner.

Custom Creations have already begun implementing disease spreading preventative measures, a high-end shoe store in Southampton has been fitted with Perspex screens for shops so that staff can continue to measure customer’s feet without the risk of spreading the disease. This prevention measure is an ideal solution when lock-down restrictions are lifted, ensuring that once socialising abilities are returned there is no further spread of disease.

We hope that other businesses will utilise such services for the wellbeing of both their staff and customers and extend our passion to help anyone who is in need during these times. If you, or anyone you know might require custom Perspex screens for shops and counters, contact Custom Creations to discuss possible options and installation advice.

Safety Equipment

Whilst the Custom Creations team are not continuing business as normal, the regular protection clothes worn are being donated to those in greater need. We have provided local care homes with safety glasses, goggles and industrial dust masks to help keep the elderly and vulnerable protected whilst limiting the spread of Coronavirus.

We believe it is important to combat the destruction caused by the current pandemic and will continue to think of new ways to help if our expert services can.

Our Team

Whilst Custom Creations are doing all we can with our resources and skills to help those in need during this time we would also like to commend our team who too have been contributing to the effort by raising money for the NHS.

Many of our team members have completed the 5,5,5 challenge, by running 5km, donating £5 to the NHS and nominating a further 5 people to complete the same task. In doing so the proceeds raised will go toward helping those in need and the hero’s in the NHS working to resolve the current issue on the front line.

We are proud to be doing as much as we can in these times to support our NHS and members of the local community and feel a sense of community spirit as we extend our services in any way possible.

We look forward to continuing working on all suspended and future jobs, and whilst in this time where everyone finds themselves spending more time in doors that if you are in need of home improvements, we will welcome all business and enquiries to make your house a home. 


Business Coronavirus Update - April 2020

We feel as part of a whole national effort to stop the spread of covid-19 (coronavirus) that this is a must for the safety of our customers and our staff and is the responsible way forward.

As a small family business, we have not stopped since the company started, so this was an incredibly difficult decision but a no brainer especially when you look at the what our brave NHS are going through. We all need to do whatever we can do to help stop the spread and care for our vulnerable and elderly.

Going forward as a business I felt it was important to let our customers and potential customers know the safeguarding and actions we are taking in order to get through this and have a strong and prosperous business after we get back to some form of normality.

We can still be contacted during this time as our office staff will be continuing to work from home, and we encourage you to do so as we are happy to help! If you have any enquires, or you would like a quote or to find out more, please contact our team on email, using our contact form, or calling on 01202 823231.


We have a loyal and incredibly talented team of joiners and fitters, machinists and office staff, and as a family business we have a sense of our team being an extended family.

All our employees are being kept on and paid; this has been helped by the government’s 80% support for wages.

It’s so hard to come across reliable, skilled and loyal staff and one of our main priorities is looking after them as they have looked after us. I just wish some bigger corporations took similar actions!!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them all again for the hard work and understanding.


We spent Tuesday moving all our jobs booked in from now to late June, and sliding everyone forward 4 weeks, so we will be starting up again on the 21st of April pending government advice.

Everyone has now had new dates given and we have sent new dates via post. We did have to leave 3 jobs incomplete for when we return but we made the rooms safe and habitable until our return.

I would like to take this opportunity to send a huge thank you to all of our customers currently booked in, for their understanding and the amazing comments and sense of national spirit, and we thank you so much for choosing Custom Creations and for also sticking by us.


Going forward we have ordered stock in and board to keep us going after we get back to some normality. Although most of our suppliers have now shut, as I write this they will also be opening at the same time and have sufficient stock levels to keep us going for the foreseeable future on our return (pending government advice).   


WE ARE STILL OPEN BEHIND THE SCENES!! Myself, James, and Jo, Hannah and Sophie will all be working from home answering enquiries and calls to our 01202 823231 office number as usual.

We are still taking bookings for design appointment for when we return, alternatively I have set up an at home design service.

If you require a quote or wish to get the ball rolling on a project for when we return, please contact us and send the below:

If you can send a picture of the space and measurements as best you can to and your contact details, we can get to work on ideas and plans for you. Then, when we return, we can look at samples and colours in our Verwood showroom. In the meantime, there is also lots of pictures on our gallery pages and Facebook.


We are in a good position as company financially to take and also complete orders, through sensible business actions and also sensible precautions we have always taken since trading as, although this particular situation is unthinkable, situations and economic turmoil does happen.

The steps we have taken as a business allows us to come back as strong as we left and help to start the repair to our economy as soon as we possibly can.

We look forward to getting back to normal and facing the challenges that face us as a company but also working together as a nation to the challenges that immediately face us.

Please stay safe and stay home when you can and keep positive.

Kindest wishes,

James, Jo, Simon, Hannah & Sophie and the team