Case Study - Fitted Bedroom & Bathroom Furniture in Bournemouth

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A bedroom made beautiful with contemporary fitted bedroom furniture from Custom Creations.

Original design appointment:         December 2015

Fitting Dates:                                 22nd– 26th March 2015

Location:                                        Verwood

Client Brief:

The room was a bare, empty room with an en suite leading off.  The customer wanted his fitted bedroom furniture in Bournemouth designed around his television and sound system. He stressed that he wanted a seamless look with clean lines and a glossy finish but not to look too clinical.  He chose custom furniture to refresh his bedroom décor and move away from the traditional bedside unit and headboard.

Bespoke TV unit

Firstly, James started working on a bespoke TV unit, making sure the customer could view the television comfortably from the bed. He then designed the run of the fitted bedroom furniture to come from each side, to give a seamless look. James recommended the fitted wardrobe’s colour should be in contrast to the door colours.

The bespoke TV unit has been designed to cleverly disguised pull down front that allows the customer access to the controls for the sound system, whilst keeping them covered and free from dust.

Fitted bedroom furniture

The bed was created with the underside supports set back, to give the illusion of a floating bed. The backboard was then over-sized to give a unique, contemporary look. The addition of a padded bespoke headboard was made to create a softness to the overall style.

By incorporating the bedside unit into the matching side panels of the bespoke headboard, James created a beautiful contemporary look with the practicality required for holding books, drinks etc. 

A pelmet was fitted along the top of the bespoke headboard to incorporate the wires that fed down behind the side panels to a dimmer switch that fitted neatly in the panel. Making the switch easily accessible to the customer. The unique pendant lighting created a dramatic effect to the backboard hanging from the pelmet to above the bedside units.

Fitted bathroom furniture

The colour scheme was carried subtly through with fitted bathroom furniture to the en suite, picking up the carcase colour to create a wall framed mirror with contemporary fitted lighting.  The matching fitted bathroom units were fitted on top of a box covering the bathroom pipes, which the customer had tiled to match the rest of the walls, maintaining the desired seamless look.

It is always a challenge designing around a specific focal point, such as a television. It is easy to affect the overall look of the furniture if the balance is not right.  With this room, the seamless look that the customer required was cleverly achieved by contrasting colours and clean, mitred angles of the streamlined bespoke TV unit.  The light pelmet designed to hide the wires and pendant light fixings is another example of how to maintain a neat result without compromising on style.

The results

The “floating” bed gives the illusion of more floor space, which combined with the gloss effect look gives the room a light and spacious feel.

With such specific design requirements, the installation of custom furniture can create its own challenges. It is a credit to our exceptional in-house fitters that the overall result is exactly the clean and seamless look that the customer specified in his brief.

The customer was absolutely delighted with the overall finish and look of the fitted bedroom furniture and bespoke TV unit and “was overwhelmed with the finished result that went beyond the expectations of his brief.”  He also commented that the room always seemed to feel small, but even with all the furniture in it now, it looks a much bigger room and feels spacious.  He felt that every box had been ticked; the bedroom storage and bespoke TV unit for his DVD’s, media games and music sat perfectly alongside the storage for clothes and shoes all hidden behind a beautiful run of fitted bedroom furniture.

His only complaint – that he didn’t want to leave the room in the mornings!!

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