Window Seats and Focal Points


​Focal points are incredibly important when planning the layout of a room. They catch your eye and bring balance to a space.

Window seats are a brilliant way to create an interesting focal point within a room. They provide an area of relaxation and self-indulgence. Who doesn’t love the idea of leaning against the window, book in hand with the sun gently streaming in, or even better, snuggled up under a blanket as the rain gently taps the window panes.

Awkward Spaces, Begone!

Bay windows are the best area for creating a window seat. The angled floor space makes it difficult to place a chair or sofa effectively as there is so much neglected space between the walls. Space like that quickly collects dust and fluff, making it a chore to clean the room. Bespoke, fitted furniture can help simplify the outline of the room by ‘filling in’ and repurposing an empty space in to a useful and comfortable area.

Extra Storage Space

Window seats typically double up as useful storage spaces as well. Whether you’d like a series of drawers to store extra clothes, an open shelf space for those books you’ll be reading on your new fitted furniture, or a hinged seat-lid to hide away all those woolies, a bespoke window seat is the answer.

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