How to Organise Your Walk-In Wardrobe


Is your wardrobe over spilling? Been on too many shopping sprees recently, or just unsure how to organise your clothes? Read our best storage tips for your fitted walk in wardrobe.

Prioritise what’s important

Take some time to declutter and asses the space you need for what’s left. Pick up each item of clothing and sort it into one of these categories:

  • Keep – clothes that you wear regularly or for special occasions, which fit and match other items.
  • Giveaway – items that are in good condition that you no longer wear. These can be given to friends, family or charity.
  • Throw Out – clothes that are worn out or damaged.

Right before your eyes

Store your most-used items either at eye level or closest to you as you enter your fitted walk in wardrobe. Your most frequently used items will be right there when you need it.

Colour co-ordinate

Organising your clothes by colour makes it quick and easy to find the item you want. This also helps you find complementary coloured items or accessories to complete your outfit!

Find the right storage solution

A fitted walk-in wardrobe should be organised efficiently with clever storage solutions so separate spaces are allocated for different types of clothes. Bespoke shelving can be built for the space you have and the type of clothes you wish to stack. For example, thin summer t-shirts will fit neatly onto a small shelf, but a thick ski jacket would need a larger shelf.  Pull out rails are also a smart way of organising your collection of shoes, trousers, ties and accessories.

Custom Creations designers will help create your bespoke furniture to ensure all your items are easily accessible and no space is wasted.

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