How To Utilise Space In Loft Rooms

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Looking to optimise space in your angled loft room? Custom Creations offer a range of loft fitted furniture in Dorset, so you can find the perfect fit for you.

With more people staying home than ever and moving costs remaining high, the option to revamp a current home space has become more sought-after. When it comes to utilising the space in an angled room, it can seem like there is a limit on what can be done. Low ceilings and slanting walls don’t necessarily imply that the designing options are restricted.

Luckily, Custom Creations have advice and inspiration tips to answer your design needs. Take a look at our loft fitted furniture ideas to enliven and optimise the space in your loft room.

Install loft fitted furniture

Loft fitted furniture is an excellent way of maximising the space in an angled loft room. In particular, loft fitted wardrobes allow floor space to be conserved by having multiple storage units built-in one. Moreover, loft fitted wardrobes are likely to be fitted right up to the ceiling and corners, resulting in a taller room impression and a finished look. Another solution to enhance storage space is to purchase a bespoke ottoman lifting bed or bed with storage features such as built-in drawers.

Custom Creations offer bespoke loft fitted furniture in Dorset, made to fit your space. Just take a look at our photo gallery of wardrobes for sloping ceilings to see examples of our work.


A fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to give any room the rejuvenation it needs. Not only will a new coat of paint freshen up the room, but if you choose the right colour, it can open up the space. The best paint colour to use in angled loft rooms is white. As simple as it may seem, white walls make low ceilings appear taller. This is because white reflects light better making the ceilings look further away. Pastels and light creams are other alternative colours which will work the same wonders.

It is best to paint walls and ceilings the same colour as this reduces and potential shadow lines which can limit the rooms perceived size. Contrasting the colour of white walls with some vibrant or bold loft fitted furniture will also make your furniture features stand out more.


In angled rooms, dark corners give the appearance of a smaller space. However, it is not always easy finding lighting for angled loft rooms as not every wall will be flat. To resolve this issue you can adapt your lighting to fit the design specifications of the loft room. This could be by hanging ceiling lights, surface mounted spotlights or wall pendants to name a few.

As a result, illuminating with appropriate lighting will brighten the overall look and make your loft room feel warmer in those cold winter months. If you are looking to have more of an ambience in the evenings, opting for strip lights to go around your loft fitted wardrobe, TV or bed, is an ideal solution.


When accessorising an angled room, low and slanting ceilings mean there may not always be the space for paintings and decorative features. However, loft rooms will often have at least one or two straight walls. In these instances, using a feature mirror will make the room feel more spacious. Mirrors give the illusion of the space being broader and will also reflect the light in the room.

Use every corner

Empty spaces not being used? To optimise the space in angled loft rooms consider adding an extra element. This could be incorporating a mini desk area for home working, or even a chair and custom bookcase to unwind in the corner. Utilise the space you have by getting the most out of every inch.

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