Made-to-Measure Oak Bedroom Furniture Case Study

Bespoke bedroom furniture with removable panel.

We often get customers who know exactly what they want when it comes to their fitted bedroom furniture, and that was certainly the case for this bedroom. The client already had a clear vision that would blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, requiring our expert services to build the bespoke set to fit the natural contours of their room. Our design was given his custom furniture brief and he promptly set about creating the perfect solution.

Lissa Oak Finish

The first question was the finish. The choice of material can significantly influence the look and feel of a room, with wood effects always being a particularly popular choice for fitted bedroom furniture. On this occasion, our customer went for Lissa Oak. Known for its versatility and aesthetic appeal, Lissa Oak is a great option for those looking to enhance the natural elements of their space. It has a beautiful, natural grain and warm tones that are both inviting and relaxing at the same time.

Custom Storage Solutions

The next question was the design of the furniture itself. One of the major benefits of bespoke bedroom furniture is the ability to tailor every aspect of the design to meet individual needs, so we were confident we could provide exactly what the customer wanted.

This project involved a pair of built-in wardrobes with the internal areas designed for the customer’s specific storage requirements. A set of overhead cupboards were also made, adding extra storage space whilst keeping the rest of the room clear. Last of all was a desk unit with a trio of drawers, all designed to fit perfectly within the corner of the bedroom while confirming with the adjacent window and radiator – a fit that would have been impossible with regular shop-bought furniture.

This desk unit presented a further challenge within the project. A main concern for our customer was having access to a plug socket that couldn’t be moved but that they didn’t want on show. Of course, being specialists in custom furniture solutions, we took this in our stride. Our designer created a unique panel that attaches to the rear of the unit with magnets, enabling it to be nicely hidden but easily accessed when needed.

Another Satisfied Customer

The integration of built-in wardrobes and customised storage solutions transformed the room into a personalised retreat tailored precisely around the customer’s requirements. They were over the moon with their new bespoke fitted furniture, and we were delighted to have another happy customer! 

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Fitted bedroom furniture with in-built wardrobes and overhead cupboards.
Pair of in-built wardrobes with custom-designed interior areas.