Maximising all your Space


Using those nooks and crannies: Whilst newer homes tend to be smaller, their rooms tend to be easier to work with than older houses as they are usually squarer.

Older houses quite often have odd shapes or small awkward spaces that make it difficult when trying to store your possessions without making it loot too cluttered.

This is where fitted furniture really comes into its own. With great design and the right use of products, you can ensure rooms still feel spacious whilst offering storage that otherwise wouldn't be achievable through the use of free-standing furniture.

Window seats look stunning, especially if upholstered with a padded seat, and can create a practical storage space. Alcoves can be fitted with creative storage solutions such as cupboards, bookcases and display shelves. Under-stairs areas can be utilised for extra cupboard space or even a work station.

By thinking creatively, the space you didn't know what to do with can easily become the space you love most.

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