The Benefits of Pull Down Wall Beds


Pull down wall beds are custom beds built into a piece of wall furniture, such as a wardrobe, which can be pulled down at night to transform a room in to a bedroom. Besides the obvious advantage of saving space, pull down wall beds in particular have a variety of benefits to homeowners:

Bedroom or home study? Have both!

Transform your spare room into a bedroom and home study no matter the size with a pull down wall bed in Bournemouth - an area where homeowners live in as many flats as houses.A home office can easily become cluttered with paperwork and a pull down wall bed can neatly be fitted into a home office unit, saving you twice as much space! If a second bedroom is all that you have then a home office can be made possible with the inclusion of a pull down wall bed.

Create more space in a small bedroom/house

If you live in a smaller house, flat or studio, a pull down wall bed can be an essential. With the wall bed out of sight during the day, this creates space for a living area, dining area or simply gives you more room for activities in the day. At night, when the bed is pulled down, the sheets will stay as they were the night before thanks to the straps that keep them in place.

Extra bed for guests

A pull down wall bed in Bournemouth is a great addition to a home to help showcase the beautiful town. If you’re a Bournemouth resident you’ll understand the pressure from family and friends to come and stay, which can be difficult in a one or two bed flat by the sea. Custom Creations can make it possible for guests to visit whenever they like by transforming a room with a pull down wall bed – perfect for guests and it can be tucked away when not in use!

Custom Creations have over 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing fitted bedrooms, including pull down wall beds in Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas.Our pull down wall beds are simple to operate, available in a single or double, in a colour and style that you love. A pull down wall bed can be placed in an alcove or corner as part of a wardrobe, storage unit or more, thanks to all our fitted bedroom projects in Bournemouth being custom made. To find out more about our pull down wall beds in Bournemouth, please call 01202 823 231 or email