Top 4 Trending Fitted Furniture Materials In 2022

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Find out some of the top trending fitted furniture materials in 2022.

If you are planning your own bespoke fitted furniture project for 2022, there are several important considerations. Aside from where your custom furniture will go, you need to decide what kind of materials and colour schemes you want to use. As bespoke furniture makers in Dorset, we offer a range of high-quality materials for you to design your ideal bespoke furniture. It is important that the materials you are using match the aesthetic of your room. However, you also want the materials you choose to be current and up to date with the latest trends.  

To get you started, we’ve put together some trending fitted furniture materials that we think are going to be popular in 2022.  

Sustainable materials 

One of the most popular choices for interior design at the moment is sustainable materials. Wanting to have a minimal impact on the environment has prompted a lot of people to try and make more environmentally friendly design choices. There are several great sustainable materials to choose from when it comes to designing your own custom furniture. Plastic is non-biodegradable, and it is having a negative impact on our environment because of this. Materials made from recycled wood have less of an impact on the environment and can look amazing in your fitted furniture. Our bespoke furniture features sustainably sourced wood, and we make sure we work with suppliers who source materials from well managed forests.  

Natural woods 

At Custom Creations we stock a great variety of natural wood options for your fitted furniture. As bespoke furniture makers in Dorset, we know the importance of finding the right type of wood to create your dream aesthetic. Natural woods are a popular choice for custom furniture in 2022 because of the fantastic textured look they offer. We supply a wide range of natural wooden tones for our fitted furniture. For a lighter colourway, we have a selection of woods like Ellmau Beech, Light Winchester Oak and Moldau Acacia. If you require a darker shade of wood then maybe a Tobacco Halifax Oak, Dijon Walnut or Natural Halifax Oak would be more suitable.  

Warm and earthy tones 

Another popular trend in interior design is using warm and earthy tones. Designing your bespoke furniture with brown or caramel type tones work well in contrast to white walls and carpets. Darker greens, beiges and cream are other popular choices for custom furniture. This type of colour scheme takes inspiration from nature and makes interiors very warm and welcoming. We offer a wide range of warm and earthy finishes in our bespoke furniture. 

Bold colours 

Striking and bold colours are become more popular in recent years and look set to be even more common in 2022. Experimenting with greens, blues and shades of red can result in some interesting designs. Our designers can incorporate bold colours into the glass of fitted sliding door wardrobes. We design all our fitted furniture exactly to your specification, so if you have a bold colour scheme in mind, we would be happy to bring it to life. 

If you are looking for a bespoke furniture maker in Dorset to help with designing a bespoke furniture project, get in contact with us at Custom Creations. We have 40 years of experience designing and installing bespoke fitted furniture. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about custom furniture, speak to a member of our team by calling 01202 823321 or email us at See some of our most recent work by browsing the gallery