Top Tips For Designing A Fitted Wardrobe With Sliding Doors

Fitted Sliding Wardrobes 5

Read our top tips on designing the perfect fitted sliding wardrobe.

Finding the space to store all your clothes and belongings in a bedroom is difficult. Whether you have a large collection of shoes or lots of suits to hang, it’s beneficial to have a storage solution tailored to your needs. As bespoke furniture makers, we specialise in working with our clients to design custom fitted furniture solutions. Our fitted wardrobes in Dorset are custom built around your requirements and use all available space in a bedroom. One of our most requested designs is a fitted sliding wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors are unobtrusive and fantastic for storing lots of items. Everything from the design to the shelves is customisable. To help you design your perfect fitted sliding wardrobe, we have compiled some useful tips to consider before you get started. 

Measuring your space 

When deciding on the design of your fitted sliding wardrobe, it is important to consider the measurements of where it will go. Is there a sloping ceiling? Will the fitted wardrobe sit in an alcove? How much of the room do you want the wardrobe to take up? These are all important questions to answer before moving onto the design stage. Think about what you are going to store and work backwards from there. Once you have a clear idea in your mind, take some measurements of the space to give you a rough idea of the dimensions.  

Choose your doors 

Without a doubt, the most important choice you will have to make on a fitted sliding wardrobe is the design of the doors. The doors are what you will look at every day so it’s important to carefully consider your options. Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors have several design options depending on your preference. Incorporating glass or mirrors into the aesthetic is very popular with fitted sliding wardrobe designs. As bespoke furniture makers, we create our fitted furniture using a range of high quality materials. Choose from a variety of colour finishes. Combining a mixture of these finishes such as mirrors and wood panels looks great in any room. 

Match the aesthetic of the room 

A top tip we give to all our clients when designing sliding wardrobe doors in Hampshire is to match the design to the aesthetic of the room. This might sound simple, but it is a point that is often overlooked. The last thing you want is a bespoke sliding wardrobe that looks out of place and does not complement other design features in the room. Think about the materials that are already in the room and try to match that in your design. Regardless of the design of your bedroom, we will have the right materials. At Custom Creations we design our fitted sliding wardrobes with a range of high quality finishes.  

Getting the right storage 

Once you are happy with the aesthetic of your fitted wardrobe with sliding doors, it is now time to decide on your storage options. You have the freedom to choose exactly what you’re going to store. There is a variety of storage solutions that are available including shelves, drawers, and hangers. You can maximise space with fitted sliding wardrobe design because you are able to tailor the storage around your requirements. 

Still unsure about how to design the perfect fitted sliding wardrobe? At Custom Creations we have specialists with over 40 year’s experience designing and installing fitted wardrobes with sliding doors. We design our sliding wardrobe doors in Hampshire from high quality materials and custom build exactly to your requirements. If you have any questions about our fitted furniture designs, give us a call on 01202 823321 or email