Top Tips For Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

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Find out the top tips for designing a room for your child that is functional, efficient, and made to last through the years. Take a look at our gallery page for more children's fitted bedroom furniture inspiration!

Searching for advice on how to design your child’s bedroom? Although designing a room can be fairly straightforward, when it comes to children’s bedrooms, it’s a whole different matter. There are many important aspects to consider to ensure the success of your project. Whether you are designing a room for a young child or a room for them to grow into, planning is the answer.

Investing in fitted bedroom furniture allows you to design a room that will last for more years. Discover our top tips below for designing a children’s bedroom that will stand the test of time.

Think about the functionality of the room

Children grow up fast, and with that so does their needs and tastes. If you want to design a room that is functional and will grow with them, you must think of it long-term. Taking into account functional elements such as the size of the furniture, type of flooring, wall colour and storage will help it to last longer. It may be that your child wants a bed in the shape of a castle or space ship but you are unsure if this will be suitable in years to come. In this case, speak to a bespoke furniture maker about your design ideas. They will be able to recommend children’s fitted bedroom furniture designs that meet your functional requirements.

Choose fitted bedroom furniture

As opposed to free-standing, fitted bedroom furniture is much safer. In particular, if you have young children, having a built-in wardrobe avoids the chance of your child having any accidents with falling furniture. What’s more, you can opt for a design that your child can still utilise when they are older.

Fitted bedroom furniture is made to last a lifetime. Therefore it makes sense to choose a design which is adaptable over time. You can also get your children’s fitted bedroom furniture customised by bespoke furniture makers. This can include any features you ask for, such as custom bookcases or built-in wardrobe storage. There is no limit to what you can design, so never be afraid to ask!

Choose the right decorating scheme

There is no use in choosing children’s fitted bedroom furniture that isn’t your child’s style. This is why it’s important to let them have their own input into a favoured colour scheme. Doing so will also help you get your own idea into focal elements to include.

Painted walls are a relatively easy way of updating the colour scheme of a room in future. Bear in mind though, using lighter shades will mean fewer coats required for a colour swap. Neutral tones and light shades make accessories and focal furniture stand out more against the light shades. On the other hand, lighter colours tend to show up marks and stains more, so you may need a more frequent touch up of paint. Choosing the right decorating scheme is essential for helping with redecorating in the long run.

Include storage space

Storage space is an important factor for any room. It helps maximise the available space within a room and keep things organised. Now, we know children aren’t the tidiest at a younger age. This is why including storage solutions that are easy to follow is a great idea. For example, this could be children’s fitted bedroom furniture with storage compartments. You can even get built-in wardrobe storage to offer the same solution. Giving children storage spaces will help encourage them to put their belongings away neatly and in the right place.

Where to get children’s bedroom fitted furniture

At Custom Creations, we are bespoke furniture makers for every room of the home. We can tailor your children’s fitted bedroom furniture to whatever you would like. Whether you need custom bookcases for a playroom, built-in wardrobe storage or bespoke children’s beds, contact us. You can speak to one of our designers who will help you explore the wide range of options available. To book an appointment, email or call 01202 823231.