7 Ways to Organise a Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe

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Read our guide on 7 different ways you can make the most out of your space. Discover bespoke walk-in wardrobes and furniture in Dorset with Custom Creations.

Fitted walk-in wardrobes are perfect to add extra storage for your belongings whilst taking advantage of all of the space your room has to offer. Bespoke furniture has the benefit of following the contours of your room to create a storage solution unique to you and your home. Whether your wardrobe is full of clothes you love that need some organising, or you want to carefully plan your storage method to efficiently use the space, discover our top tips for organising your wardrobe and learn about fitted furniture in Dorset with Custom Creations.

1.       Use the space

Take advantage of your bespoke walk-in wardrobe and utilise all the space it has. If you have some empty space in the middle of the wardrobe, try adding bespoke drawers for an island unit. This is great for adding extra storage as well as giving the illusion of an even bigger space for a contemporary style.

2.       Store your shoes

If you want your collection of shoes on display, have bespoke shelving fitted above the clothes rails or stacked from floor to ceiling. Organising footwear on flat shelves makes it even easier to find the pair of shoes you have been looking for all day! It’s also a great way to add some colour and dimension to your walk-in wardrobe. Alternatively, you can use bespoke pull out shelving on a rail so you can display or store away your shoes at your own leisure.

3.       Hang your clothes in style

Having fitted drawers for your belongings is a useful storage tip, but what about those clothes that you want to hang? Add rails along the inside of your fitted walk-in wardrobes at different heights to separate long and short garments for the ultimate look of luxury. For those wanting an even more organised look, try separating your clothes into different colours and sectioning off the rails to glamourize your wardrobe. Free standing clothing racks are an alternative solution to built in rails - keeping your clothes open and on display may even encourage you to keep organised!

4.       Glass tops

For more expensive or smaller items, glass tops for cabinets and drawers can create a dedicated space for jewellery and accessories. As well as keeping jewellery organised and stored away safely, you have the added feature of a display cabinet. Try using black velvet or dark lining behind the jewellery to add an element of elegance.

5.       Spotlights

Make the best of your space by using spotlights or LED lighting to brighten up your bespoke walk-in wardrobe. You can enhance the viewing ability of all your items and even have a spotlight fitted above a vanity mirror for styling. This simple trick of making the room brighter will make it feel bigger, more modern, and separate it from the room the wardrobe is fitted in.


6.       Sliding doors

The ultimate way to keep your fitted walk-in wardrobe organised is with sliding doors. Closing off the space in your wardrobe where clothes are hanging can make the entire room look tidier and more structured. Having fitted sliding wardrobes can create more space in the centre of the room when items are shut away. If you have a particular interior design throughout your home, you can customise bespoke sliding doors to suit your application, or keep them neutral so they don’t distract from the style theme. No wardrobe is complete without a mirror, so try mirrored sliding doors that will brighten the room and add a functional feature.

7.       Angled shelves and drawers

Don’t forget to utilise the corners of the room as useable space. You can incorporate bespoke furniture such as angled furniture and cornered units to create a display stand or to store away items such as bags or seasonal items. Angled shelves can also be used to create a statement wall. If you are aiming for a chic wardrobe space that gives the feeling of luxury, create a floating look with single scattered shelves dotted around a wall. Bespoke shelves can double as decor and practical storage and ensure your fitted walk-in wardrobe remains organised.

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