Fitted Wardrobe Interiors Case Studies


View our latest case studies of fitted wardrobe interiors in Bournemouth, Dorset.

How your wardrobe and furniture looks aesthetically is just as important as how it works practically.  James will always encourage our clients to think about what they want to store and how they want to store it with fitted wardrobe interiors.

Because every piece we make is custom made specifically for you and your space, you can have exactly the right fitted wardrobe interiors to ensure you always know where everything is.

Fitted Wardrobe Inserts

Fitted wardrobe inserts and shelves are available at Custom Creations in widths and lengths. We can fit pull out shelves which are great for shoe storage and maximising every inch of space to regular fitted shelves.

Built in Wardrobe Drawers

For our clients with limited floor space around the wardrobe and bed, we can incorporate built in wardrobe drawers.  The drawer top can also act as a dressing table, especially if we fit a wall framed mirror above it and incorporate lighting into the wardrobe.

Built in Cupboard Designs

View one of our built in cupboard designs, with a top cupboard that offers great interior storage, which can be doubled in size by adding shelves.

Other Built in Wardrobe Storage

With a variety of hanging – full length / half height and double hanging – along with shelves, drawers and pull out trays, we offer clients a wide range of built in wardrobe storage additions which can be subtly hidden away within the wardrobe when the doors are shut.

You never know what you might find behind the your fitted wardrobe’s doors!

Learn more about our options of fitted wardrobe interiors and  fitted furniture in Bournemouth, Dorset by getting in touch today on 01202 823231.