Angled Wardrobe With Bi-fold Doors Case Study

Bi Fold Doors Angled Wardrobe

Discover how we helped a customer design the perfect fitted furniture solution for their angled room.

We were approached by a customer from Poole, Dorset, that had an awkward shaped angled room. The customer had struggled to find ways to make good use of their space and had been looking for a bespoke fitted furniture solution. Our leading designer, James went to visit the client to discuss potential ideas for the perfect fitted angled wardrobe.

The trendy Luxe Metal Deco Zenit design was ideal for this angled wardrobe solution. By incorporating built-in wardrobe storage, the client was able to have a design that provided practicality. The design maximised the use of space in the angled room and using the bi-fold door system, we opened up bigger spaces for ease of access. This also ensured the look of the bespoke fitted wardrobe is not compromised when the doors are closed. Bi-fold doors are a practical way to make the most of any room. They offer better access to your everyday items, stopping you from sacrificing precious storage space.

As discussed in the design appointment, we agreed to move the drawers to the edge of the angled wardrobe. This was a functional aspect of the design that suited the customer’s needs. By planning the built-in wardrobe storage this way, they were able to have full-sized drawers and gain even more storage space. The customers also went for push to open catches, giving a sleek and sophisticated finish.

The great thing about wardrobes for sloping ceilings is that you can use every corner. When paired with the right door opening system you end up with a functional design. At Custom Creations, we are experts in fitted furniture solutions including angled wardrobes. We have a range of colours, materials, designs, and finishes for you to choose from. To view more bespoke fitted wardrobes, take a look at the angled rooms gallery on our website. For high-quality fitted furniture in Dorset, Call us today on 01202 823 231 or send us an email at