Bespoke Fitted Study Furniture Case Study

Corner view of new fitted home office furniture with shelves above and desk below

Find out we transformed this basic home study into a paradise of productivity using bespoke study furniture created by our own Dorset furniture makers.

The Problem

Our customer came to us looking for help revamping their study. They wanted to store a mixture of work and personal items in the study, as well as have a place to work on their astronomy hobby. This meant there needed to be lots of storage with easy access, not to mention enough surface space to work on their beloved projects. As always, the main challenge is to fit everything our client wants in the space they have. Luckily for them, we’re experts in bespoke fitted home office furniture.

The Solution

Bespoke study furniture wall-to-wall in home study, with green painted shelves above and wood desk and surface space

Our expert designer worked with this customer to create their perfect space using fitted home furniture. Open shelving is a great solution if you need to access your files and books quickly, so this was a must. Our customer also went for adjustable shelving so the shelves’ purpose can be changed as time goes on. This is a great storage system which enables you to adjust the height of your shelving to suit the items you need to store. These are very popular for home offices and living rooms as they make large files and odd shaped boxes problems of the past.

Also for their fitted study furniture we created pull our keyboard trays for ease, and a bespoke pull-out printer tray to perfectly store their printer.

As for colour scheme, our customer went for Sage Green for their fitted study furniture, with a real oak worktop to create the perfect finish. Sage Green is one of our newer finishes and has proven incredibly popular. It’s a colour that works in any room and is perfectly complimented by the copper handles our customer went for.

Looking for the perfect layout for your home study? Why not get in touch with our expert Dorset furniture makers for bespoke fitted study furniture that suits your needs? If you’re considering but looking for more inspiration, take a look at our blog, or request a brochure to see some of our previous work. Ready to get started on your perfect fitted home office? Get in touch to book an appointment.

Corner shelving and desk in bespoke study furniture piece