Fitted Walk In Wardrobe Case Studies

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View our latest case studies of fitted walk in wardrobes in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Fitted walk in wardrobes are a great way to transform a spare or small bedroom into an effective storage space. We offer endless wardrobe styles and designs at Custom Creations so that you can create the fitted walk in wardrobe of your dreams.

Small White Fitted Walk In Wardrobe

For this unique design, our client wanted a mini fitted walk in wardrobe. They knew what they needed for storage but aesthetically wanted a simple run of doors incorporating a corner of the bedroom.

James’ initial challenge was to create a fitted walk in wardrobe with the correct dimensions for all the required storage inside, whilst keeping the outside look quite minimalistic. The client was delighted with the result – especially as they had not anticipated how streamlined it would be and James incorporated even more storage than they thought possible. They loved the fact that it looked like a corner wardrobe from the outside, yet was easily accessible inside.

Wooden Fitted Walk in Wardrobe

A similar request was made by this client, but they requested a design for a small wooden fitted walk in wardrobe behind sliding doors. James incorporated hanging, drawers and shelves all easily accessible and when the sliding doors were fitted to the front track, the client was delighted with the space inside, making all their clothes easily accessible and yet creating storage to meet all their needs.

Fitted Walk in Wardrobe Interiors

If you are using spare space or a room to create a fitted walk in wardrobe, you can add many different fitted wardrobe interiors. For example, in this case our client wanted lots of hanging and drawer space, but also wanted specific built in wardrobe storage for ties and shoes. James designed adjustable shoe shelves and pull-out shoe trays to accommodate this request and a pull-out belt drawer, for belts to be rolled and stored neatly away. 

Pull down hanging rails meant that this client could have the accessible hanging she required and still leave plenty of room below for extra hanging and storage.

Bespoke Ottoman

In larger walk in spaces, a bespoke ottoman makes an ideal seating space whilst adding extra storage.

Modern Fitted Walk-In Wardrobes

The client had very specific ideas for their modern fitted wardrobe, with lights and mirrors built in to the end of the divisions, adding a unique touch to an inviting dressing area.

Whether you have a small area where you’d like to create a simple fitted walk in wardrobe, or a whole room that you would like to furnish with drawers and hanging space, there is a design solution for everyone!

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