How To Use Fitted Under Stair Storage To Transform Your Hallway

Under Stairs Storage 4

Discover how to transform your hallway with some under stair storage ideas.

The entrance hallway can be one of the most difficult rooms in the house to properly utilise. It is the first thing you see when you enter a house and is usually cluttered with a range of items. Badly organised hallways can end up with piles of coats and shoes. Often though it is difficult to know how to add storage to an area that has very limited space. Hallways are often very narrow, and most storage options would block your path to the door. This is where under stair furniture is so useful. Adding a bespoke under stairs storage solution can transform the functionality and appearance of your entrance hallway. Here are some of the best ways to use fitted under stair storage in your house to improve your hallway.

Create additional storage

One of the most popular uses of fitted under stair storage is to create additional storage. It is the ideal place to create a cloakroom to keep your hallway clear. At Custom Creations we make custom fitted furniture in Dorset, so you could even combine a wardrobe with a shoe rack to create your perfect under stairs furniture. Another great use of fitted under stair storage is to create a pantry. If you’re finding that your kitchen cupboards are constantly full, this might be a great way to de-clutter your kitchen.

Utilise unused space

If you already have lots of storage in your hallway and elsewhere in your house, there are still some great ways to transform your hallway with fitted under stair storage. With lots of people now working from home due to the pandemic, finding a place to work has never been more important. Why settle for working at the kitchen table when you can transform your hallway into a home office. Using under stairs furniture can create a home office without intruding on your hallway. A fitted desk and some shelving can create the ideal working from home set-up you never knew you had. You could add hinged doors to your fitted under stairs storage, so it isn’t visible when you’re not working. A home office is not the only way you can transform your hallway. A few pieces of under stairs furniture could turn that unused space into a reading nook, simply add a small storage bench and a couple of bookshelves.

Amazing design possibilities

Another benefit of bespoke under stairs storage is the number of different designs and materials you can use. It can be a nice way to add some colour or a wooden accent to your hallway. Custom Creations are bespoke furniture makers in Dorset, so we can design a fitted under stairs storage solution exactly to your liking. At Custom Creations we have a wide range of finishing options in both wood and gloss colourways.

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