Sliding Door Wardrobes vs. Fitted Hinged Wardrobes

Hinged Wardrobe Grey

You can never have enough storage space for your clothes. But the more pressing dilemma is deciding on what type of storage solution best suits your space and requirements. For example, do you go for sliding door wardrobes or fitted hinged wardrobes? Continue reading this blog to find out the key differences between each of these wardrobes and the key benefits of both options.

What are Sliding Door Wardrobes?

Sliding door wardrobes are a great way to maximise space and storage. Better still the internal space can be made to your exact requirements, and drawers, pull-down hanging rails and even dressing tables can be discreetly hidden out of view. Our fitted sliding door wardrobes also come with a wide choice of glass panels and materials, so we have plenty of options to fit your bespoke room, style, and space.

Benefits of sliding door wardrobes:

  • Easy Access: One of the most compelling advantages of a fitted sliding door wardrobe is the ease of access it brings. The effortless gliding motion of this type of wardrobe door allows you to conveniently access the contents inside without obstructing the surrounding space.
  • Versatility: Another advantage of the sliding door wardrobe is the versatility these doors offer, with various materials, finishes and designs to suit your style and preferences.

For even more advantages of sliding door wardrobes check out our recent blog: Four Advantages of Sliding Doors.

What are Fitted Hinged Wardrobes?

Fitted hinged wardrobes are one of our most popular forms of bespoke fitted wardrobe. There are lots of different styles and designs to choose from, and the storage inside can be configured to your exact requirements. With optional extras including internal mirrors, internal lighting and hanging rails to name a few. Fitted hinged wardrobes can also be designed to match existing furniture in the room.

More information on our range of fitted hinged wardrobes can be found in a recent case study: Modern Fitted Hinged Wardrobes

Benefits of fitted hinged wardrobes:

  • Full Access: One of the advantages of fitted hinged wardrobes is the complete access that these wardrobes provide. The hinged mechanism allows you to open each door completely to easily access clothes stored inside.

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