What To Consider When Designing Your Custom Fitted Wardrobe

Custom Fitted Wardrobe 1

The beauty of bespoke fitted wardrobes is that they enhance a room no matter how big or small. As opposed to ordering a standard option online, our wardrobes are tailored to your needs. Whether you are having your custom fitted wardrobe designed for you or you are doing this yourself, here are some important factors to keep in mind.

Materials and finishes

When designing a custom fitted wardrobe, appearance is always an important factor. The aesthetic possibilities are endless with bespoke wardrobes, so you’ll want to have an idea beforehand of what you like. If you’re unsure and open to ideas, then not to worry! A fitted furniture designer like Custom Creations can show you a selection of finishes to choose from and recommend ideas based on your personal tastes.  

Are there any tones you want to coordinate with? Or perhaps you may want a contrasting colour to make your wardrobe the focal point? Do you want the colours and material to be reflected throughout, including your fitted wardrobe interior? Your answers to these questions will help guide you during the design stages.

The most suitable wardrobe door type

As well as looking at the aesthetic elements of your custom fitted wardrobe, you should also consider the functionality. There’s no use in having a stunning wardrobe if it does not meet your practical needs. If you have limited space in your room, then a sliding door wardrobe is the most suitable solution. Likewise, mirrored doors are great for reflecting light and making a room feel bigger. On the other hand, if you have the space to open up your wardrobe doors, fitted hinged wardrobes are a great option.

We fit sliding wardrobe doors in Hampshire, Dorset and other surrounding areas. So, if you are looking for a bespoke all-in-one service, book an appointment at Custom Creation. You can also request a brochure to view our design options.

Fitted wardrobe inserts and storage compartments

Your storage capacity and wardrobe interior both play a huge part in the outcome of your design. You should consider the quantity of storage you’ll need and the most suitable types of compartments. These could include fitted wardrobe inserts, drawers and shelving.

Fitted wardrobe inserts and shelves allow you to have your clothing on display. Whereas drawers offer a more hidden way of organising your clothes. This means your fitted wardrobe interior won’t expose any clutter!

The number of clothes hanging space you require

The number of clothes hanging space required will be down to each individual. For those who have clothes with ‘crease free’ materials, the wardrobe hanging space may be less important. With a custom fitted wardrobe, you can decide to place your wardrobe rails wherever you wish. This could be having rails side by side or on top of one another. And if you still can’t decide, you can opt for adjustable wardrobe rails. These will give you more freedom to organise your fitted wardrobe interior.

For beautiful bespoke fitted wardrobes in Dorset, contact Custom Creations. With a huge variety of designs and a range of materials and finishes to choose from, create your dream custom fitted wardrobe. For more information or design advice, get in touch today and call 01202 823 231. You can also send your queries to office@customcreations.furniture.