Does Fitted Bedroom Furniture Add Value To Your Home?

Cc Redcliffe 0012 Copy Fitted Hinged Wardrobe

Investing in fitted bedroom furniture is an ideal way to enhance the functionality of a living space. As well as improving general aesthetics, custom furniture can make great use of space and provide extra storage even in the most awkward nooks and corners. Beyond personal comfort, however, the question often arises: “Does fitted bedroom furniture add value to your home?” Well, the answer is never as straightforward as might be hoped! Our team of experts are looking into this topic to understand the nuances and considerations surrounding the value-boosting potential of bespoke bedroom furniture.

Understanding The Different Factors

Outwardly at least, you would probably think it reasonable to assume that bespoke, built-in bedroom furniture would automatically increase the value of your home. After all, it costs money to install, is semi-permanent, and makes a great use of the available space. However, the impact of fitted bedroom furniture on property value is going to be influenced by several factors.

Quality Of Installation

First and foremost, the quality of the bedroom furniture and its installation plays a pivotal role in property value. Bespoke bedroom furniture offers a tailor-made solution that seamlessly integrated with a bedroom’s dimensions and layout. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also maximises space, which can be a significant selling point for potential buyers.

Conversely, just because a set of furniture has been custom-made doesn’t necessarily mean it makes the best possible use of space or that the furniture itself is high-quality. A poorly built or inefficiently fitted bedroom wardrobe, for example, is likely to produce the opposite of the intended effect, becoming unsightly and impractical to use. In turn, this could deter potential buyers when viewing a home.

Style And Colour Considerations

As well as the quality of the build, style and colour choices for your fitted bedroom furniture can also have an impact on your home’s value. It’s important to remember that individual preferences vary, and what one individual may love, another may dislike in equal measure! The safest option is to opt for a classic and timeless style that will have a much broader appeal. Neutral tones and muted colours are less likely to alienate potential buyers, making the space more adaptable to various tastes.

Choosing The Right Company

When considering fitted bedroom furniture for your home, it always pays to use a respected company with plenty of experience. At Custom Creations, we have over 40 years of combined experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke bedroom furniture and storage solutions throughout the Dorset and Hampshire areas. Our expertise enables us to produce high-quality results that make the most efficient use of space using the best quality materials and supplies. We can also offer professional advice to ensure your custom furniture is having a positive impact on the value of your own.

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